Agon dialektyki z retoryką w platońskim Protagorasie

  1. Dariusz Olesiński


The agon between dialectic and rhetoric in Plato's Protagoras


The article investigates the relation between dialectic and rhetoric in Plato's  Protagoras exemplified in the dialogue by the eristic agon between Socrates and the sophist. The one of the very theme of this agon is the agon alone i.e. reflection about its conditions, methods and purposes. Consequently the dialogue can actually be seen as Plato's attempt to transform egocentric type of struggle base on archaic, traditional ethos and establish a new kind of agon - the philosophical one - which is concentrated on dialectical search for truth and can be associated with Plato's ideal of symposium. Moreover in the end of dialogue Plato through his concept of metretikē technē try to polemically indicate essential error in the Sophistic thought and especially in the Protagoras's famous dictum about anthrōpos metron. Simultaneously this concept is directly related to the truth and in this way seems to by closely connected with Plato's dialectical method.

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This article

Lectiones & Acroases Philosophicae

4, 2011, z. 1, Kolokwia platońskie, Protagoras

Pages from 71 to 84

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